Our Classes Welcome Everyone

Regardless of fitness level, or yoga experience.  Your teacher will help you to take your practice where you'd like to go.  Please talk with us if you have any questions, or physical limitations, and we will recommend a class for you.  Please remember, it’s YOUR practice -- your best teacher resides within you.  We ask you to listen to your body and adjust your practice to fit your needs.

Hot Yoga 1

Hot yoga returns for Blaine practitioners left displaced by Heat Yoga's closing. Open for all levels, we teach dynamic Vinyasa flowing sequences that will get your heart pumping and help you connect with your inner power. You'll be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually. Expect to leave feeling invigorated, empowered and energized! Hot Yoga takes place in a heated room for increased detoxification, circulation and elasticity of the muscles.

Hot Yoga 2

This class is for intermediate to advanced students that includes more balancing postures and arm balance postures in a Vinyasa flow to challenge yourself. This class will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually. Leave feeling invigorated, empowered and energized! Hot Yoga takes place in a heated room for increased detoxification, circulation and elasticity of the muscles.

Absolute Beginner’s Class (ABC’s) Yoga

A beginners class that focuses on teaching basic yoga postures, healthy alignment of the spine, as well as strengthening the musculature that supports the body. If you have been wanting to begin a yoga practice to reap all of the health benefits that yoga has to offer...now is the time!

Vinyasa Yoga

Looking for the yoga class to get energized while helping you build strength and flexibility?  This upbeat, creative yoga practice, seamlessly linking breath and movement, will keep you present as you learn to move gracefully in and out of poses. Utilizing Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements, Vinyasa Yoga will build confidence and help you stay present and centered. Flowing around the obstacles that come your way, this energetic practice will empower you with the strength to face anything.

Restorative Yoga – Beginner Friendly

A gentle, nurturing practice that relieves chronic stress due to major life changes, disease & injury, athletic endeavors or just modern-day life in a big city. Props may be used to allow the body to fully relax and rest deeply. Prior yoga experience is not necessary and all levels are welcome.

Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga is about providing a safe and accessible place for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities to practice yoga in a body positive and supported environment. There will be use of props and mindful sequencing to meet students’ unique needs.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal offers an opportunity for you to connect with your baby and to gain a greater understanding and awareness of your body as it changes throughout your pregnancy.

By incorporating gentle postures, breathwork, vocal toning and meditation, classes provide you with an opportunity for greater flexibility and relaxation in preparation for labor and childbirth. It will enhance your confidence, comfort, and awareness.

Classes also provide a space for you to connect with other moms to share questions, concerns, and thoughts. No previous yoga experience is needed for prenatal yoga.

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a blanket and bolster or pillow, and yoga mat.

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