I am inspired by the many benefits of a consistent yoga practice, those that can be measured such as increased flexibility & strength, to less tangible aspects as heightened self-awareness & a sense of calm. I believe there is no division of mind, body and spirit, but all of these exist as facets of the whole. Above all, my goal and duty as a teacher is to provide my students with the best possible experience...one that leaves them feeling challenged and more aware of their own potential."

What is your why? Why.... To get out of my head and into my body in order to truly FEEL.

How did you get started? Decades ago from a tattered little paperback book that cost me a dime. It outlined a daily practice of an ancient exercise system to maintain overall health. The ancient system is called yoga. Best money I ever spent!

What pushes you to continue? I don't necessarily need to be "pushed" as my yoga practice is part of my daily routine. Just as I look forward to my morning coffee, I look forward to my yoga!

Who was your biggest yogi influence and why? So many for varied reasons...hard to pick one. What I've learned from all of them is that we are connected and are part of a golden chain, linked together in a continuum.

Favorite indulgence? A quiet night with a good movie.

Favorite quote? "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." ~Anis Nin

How long teaching and in what styles? Since 2001, kundalini, vinyasa, ashtanga, hot/heated yoga, yin yoga, gentle styles including chair or seated yoga and fusion formats incorporating Pilates.

Our Classes Welcome Everyone...

Regardless of fitness level, or yoga experience. Your teacher will help you to take your practice where you'd like to go. Please talk with us if you have any questions, or physical limitations, and we will recommend a class for you. Please remember, it’s YOUR practice -- your best teacher resides within you. We ask you to listen to your body and adjust your practice to fit your needs.